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UI Engineer: Apr 2018 to Present



Software Engineer: Oct 2017 to Mar 2018

At Hashnode, I was part of the core team building aFriendly and inclusive Q & A community for coders. My role at Hashnode was that of aFull Stack Engineer. Features required me working across the stack, with ReactJS on the frontend and NodeJS and MongoDB in the backend.

Some features that I worked on here are:

  • Performance improvements to the Post Detail Page. This helped reduce the page load time from 11 seconds to just 4 seconds.
  • Worked on the rewrite of Hashnode.com to Next.js. Specifically focused on the writing experience on Hashnode.com
Saltside Tech

Saltside Tech

Web Engineer: Jan 2017 to Oct 2017

Associate Web Engineer: Jul 2016 to Dec 2016

Being part of the web engineering team, I contributed to the web application front-end and server-side web development, built on a Javascript stack (NodeJS & React/Redux). The workflow at Saltside involves taking a feature from design, to development, through testing and then deployment, where it impacts millions of users across the four markets - Bikroy.com, ikman.lk and Tonaton.com

Some features and projects that I worked on here are:

  • Converting all listing pages to Google AMP pages
  • The Employer Dashboard. Employers using our sites had a tough time dealing with candidate applications. My team and I built a seamless experience for employers to view potential candidates, filter through the applications and also to shortlist candidates.
  • Automating the listing fees process for our sales teams
  • Improvements to the Buy Now feature that made using it a breeze both for end-users and for our internal sales teams.