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Microfrontends in the Flipkart Ads Platform

June 2021, Flipkart Business Unit-level meetup

Co-presented the microfrontend architecture that the Flipkart Ads Platform is now adopting. The section I conducted focused on the actual implementation of the paradigm, the effects of it on the team, and how we leveraged the Flipkart infrastructure to solve a number of human-centric goals.

Typescript: A look beyond the interface

April 2021, Flipkart Knowledge Sharing

A demo-centric walkthrough of some advanced Typescript concepts to improve our projects' usage of Typescript. The talk focused on Generics, Utility types, Overloading and Type inferences

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Git Internals

October 2020, Flipkart Knowledge Sharing

A look under-the-hood on how git works and how it leverages the filesystem and other concepts for achieving version control

GraphQL Workshop

April 2020, Flipkart Internal Workshop

A five day workshop focused on introducing GraphQL to the team.

React: Beyond UI

July 2019, ReactJS Bangalore Meetup

November 2019, Flipkart Codebuds (Internal company-wide meetup)

Leverage JSX to achieve functionality beyond the scope of UI. This talk was a under-the-hood look at what JSX truly boils down to, and how this can be used for other applications such as "rendering" to Filesystem, and even to physical hardware!

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React Design Patterns

November 2018, Flipkart Knowledge Sharing

A walkthrough of popular design patterns in React.

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Animation Performance - Quick wins

June 2018, Flipkart's UI Bootcamp

A talk on the performance aspect of UI animations

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An Introduction to Redux - v2

May 2018, Flipkart's UI Bootcamp

A talk introducing the core concepts of redux as a standalone library, showcasing the API that the library provides as well as demoing the usage of redux outside of react in a vanilla javascript environment.

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JS For Newbies #2 - Data types, arrays, objects, functions

January 2018, JS Meetup Bangalore (Online)

A webinar introducing newcomers to Javascript to Data Types, Arrays, Objects and Functions in the language. This was the second session in a set of sessions aimed to help those who want to learn Javascript!

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Redux Middleware - A DIY Guide

December 2017, ReactJS Bangalore

A talk on how middleware in Redux work and a quick code-along to building your own custom Redux Middleware!

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Investigating Memory Leaks (and performance tuning your Javascript)

June 2018, Flipkart's UI Bootcamp

October 2017, AngularJS & ReactJS Bangalore

A talk on how garbage collection and memory leaks occur in Javascript, and how these memory leaks can be investigated and fixed using the Chrome Developer Tools.

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An Introduction to Redux

August 2017, Saltside

Crash course on the importance of Redux in managing application state. Talk was primarily focused on ramping up the web team at Saltside to work on the new web stack (React/Redux - ExpressJS - NodeJS).

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An Introduction to Git and Github

September 2016, PESIT Bangalore South Campus

Introducing Version Control Systems, specifically Git, and using it with Github to students of PESIT South Campus

Camp Node - An Introduction to building web applications

March 2016, PESIT Bangalore South Campus

Getting started with web programming for the new web developers through live-coding examples. Built with NodeJS, ExpressJS and MongoDB.

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