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Create and download custom sized images

Application to create and download custom sized images of varying colors and formats. Useful when you need image(s) of a specific size and format during development.

Jaldi CLI

CLI utility to quickly bootstrap projects.⚡️

jaldi (which is Hindi for quickly ⚡️) aims to remove the hassle of bootstrapping new projects, without being opinionated in project approach or abstracting away control from the developer.

jaldi creates the boilerplate that every developer needs to set up in the first 15 minutes of starting a project and then gets out of your way ... completely.


Prototype API Requests 🦄

Simulating different HTTP response codes is hard. sendback mocks HTTP status codes for you, so you can build your applications faster! ⚡️

React Input Trigger

React component for handling character triggers inside textareas and input fields. 🐼

Useful for building applications that need Slack-like emoji suggestions (triggered by typing :) or Github-like user mentions (triggered by typing @).


A Slack Integration to speed up Pull Request reviews for organizations on Slack 🐨